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Ty Christiansen

// Vocals

"My ma’s probably worried about me again. Tell her I’m doing great and not to listen too closely to our songs. It’d be sweet to be in the mountains right now."

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Brandon Rodriguez

// Guitar


Convicted Felon, I love birthday parties, and weddings. Music is my passion. My favorite dish is Tikka Masala, and My Favorite Band is Blink 182.... I'm not actually a felon.

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Bryan Short

// Guitar + Keys


*Insert Bio Here*

Pending... ... ...

I make beats here and there too.

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Dolan Delano

// Slaps the Bass


If you need to reach me, please use Facebook Messenger. Yes, I am that guy.

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Blaine Beckmann

// Drummer

"Destiny is baloney. Your future is not foretold. It's what you make of it." -Disenchantment's Luci, The Demon



So you want to be a public figure, huh? Don’t we all. Maybe you’re one of those people who wants to use your power for good. Or maybe you just want to make tons of money showing off your pretty face. Well hey, we’re not here to judge. After all, a public figure isn’t made by their critics. A public figure is made by the people who want to see them shine. We are Public Figure, and that is why we make music. The four of us set out to share our lives through song, and find those of you who love what we love and want what we want. We’re happy you made it here. Come join us, as a Figurehead, in getting all the things you’ve never even dreamed of...Vote for us!

We're a High-Energy, Band who will make you lose your voices with our catchy choruses and exhaust you from all the jumping, moshing, and dancing you will do at our shows.

No... Seriously...

Hydrate before you come to our show. We don't want you passing out.

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The History of Public Figure

Once upon a time, February of 2019 to be exact, Dolan and Blaine jammed in a basement. Later, with the addition of Ty, Brandon, and Bryan, we moved to another basement. Then, we moved to an attic in a coffee shop in small town Nebraska. Hyped up with free coffee (not really) and not-free beer, Public Figure was born. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to bring you their high energy music found on all streaming platforms.

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